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Super Bowl Cuisine is an authentic Chinese food restaurant. Our chefs have more than 35 years of cooking experience. We offer fresh and quality food for our customers. Come and experience our Asian culture and delicious food. Come and learn about our mini hotpot. We also do catering. Not only do we serve food, but we also love our kingston community. Try our fresh and healthly food, smell the aromas, enjoy the food with joy, Let us cater your next occasion.


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Udon Super Bowl Hotpot Hot Pot Super Bowl

Hot Pot All You Can Eat


First Step: Pick your Hot Pot Broth.

Spicy Pot Original Pot Herbal Pot Tomato Pot

Second Step: Pick your favorite Hot Pot ingredient.

Superbowl Signature Ingredients

Superbowl Spicy Fish Clam

Seafood and Balls

Beef Ball Shrimp with Head Fuzhou Fish Ball House Made Pork Ball Fish Tofu Crab Sticks Baby Cuttlefish Mussel Squid

Meat, Lamb, Beef, Pork

Premium Beef Premium Lamb Beef Tripe Premium Pork Chicken Breast Lunch Ham Mini Sausages Egg


Spinach Baby Boy Choy Turnip Potato Fresh Tofu Frozen Tofu Fried Tofu Dried Tofu Skin Seaweed Knot Corn Taro Cabbage Twisted Cruller


Black Mushroom White Beach Mushroom Straw Mushroom

Chinese Pastries (items are uncooked)

Rice Cake Thick Fat Vermicelli Vermicelli Hand Made Dumpling Japanese Udon Noodle Rice Noodle

Third Step: Go to our sauce station, careate your own Hot Pot sauce. mix your favorite sauce together.


Original Bubble Tea 4 Watermelon Bubble Tea 4.25 Mango Bubble Tea 4.25 Matcha Bubble Tea 4.25 Taro Bubble Tea 4.25 Strawberry Bubble Tea 4.25 Mango Smoothie 4.75 Peach Smoothie 4.75 Matcha Smoothie 4.75 Strawberry Smoothie 4.75 Taro Smoothie 4.75 Snapple 2.75 Pepsi 1.75 Soda Water 3 Bottle Water 2 Diet Pepsi 1.75 Ginger Ale 1.75 Siera mist 1.75 2 litter coke 3.25

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Sun - Thurs: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm